Technological and economic change is shaping our industry and the terminology that comes with it. During this time of change, NACHA is here to help. We want to support you and help you help your customers by giving you the language you need to speak concisely, consistently, and clearly with them about the benefits and opportunities of ACH payments.

One of our latest initiatives involves the definition, adoption, and consistent use of industry terminology to increase understanding of the ACH Network, ACH payments, and their attributes and advantages.

As a first step in the process, we developed specific language to define the ACH Network, generated terminology to explain ACH payments, and created distinctive phrasing to convey the role of the ACH Network and its characteristics.

All of this is to help you speak with your consumer and business customers about how you support their payments needs by harnessing the capabilities and reach of the ACH Network.

Join the conversation.

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Q: Why did NACHA undertake this Message Project?

A: NACHA undertook this initiative to develop clear, powerful messaging to ensure a common understanding of the NACHA Operating Rules, the ACH Network, and ACH payments. Creating consistent messages, terminology, and phrasing helps all of us in the industry tell our story in a consistent and focused way.

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